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The 'Waste-Free City' project team went to Jiaozuo Doing Company to inspect the waste tire pyrolysis technology and equipment

DOING News:2024/03/13

On March 12, 2024, the person in charge of the 'Waste-Free City' project in Weidu District, Xuchang City, Henan Province led a team to inspect the waste tire pyrolysis technology and equipment at Jiaozuo City Doing Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The district environmental protection bureau, development zone management committee and relevant responsible persons also participated in this inspection.

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In the the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Jiaozuo City Doing Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the inspection team visited waste tire pyrolysis equipment, waste plastic pyrolysis equipment, oil sludge and oil soil pyrolysis equipment, waste engine oil and waste mineral oil distillation equipment, and other equipment for exhaust gas purification, flue gas desulfurization and purification treatment. They listened to our sales manager's introduction to Doing Company, waste tire pyrolysis equipment, environmental protection equipment configuration, recycling rate, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, etc., and watched the 3D video demonstration of the waste tires pyrolysis process and the material recycling process.

During this process, the person in charge of the 'Waste-Free City' project asked questions about safety and environmental protection aspects such as waste tire processing capacity, operating income, recycling rate, supporting products, etc., and discussed project site selection, cooperation models, and policy needs. And they had in-depth communication with the sales manager on other issues.

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At the symposium, they agreed with the concept and production capacity of the environmental protection equipment produced by our company to achieve the reduction, resource utilization and harmless treatment of solid and hazardous waste, and spoke highly of Jiaozuo Doing Company's professional recycling, production, manufacturing and product service capabilities, especially the design capabilities to provide customers at home and abroad with personalized equipment solutions and full-cycle product services. They expresses strong recognition on Doing Company focusing on the development theme of 'ecology and environmental protection' and contributes to national energy conservation, low carbon, resource recycling and other social responsibility. And the two parties conducted detailed exchanges on the next step of cooperation.

It is hoped that this visit and inspection will build a bridge of cooperation and exchange between the two places, and that cooperation will be further strengthened and deepened in the future, so as to learn from each other and develop together. In the future, Doing Company will also assist Weidu District in building a number of waste-free industrial projects such as environmentally friendly domestic waste disposal, oily sludge disposal, and pyrolysis of waste tires. It will focus on the evaluation indicators of waste-free city construction and bring the work of waste-free city construction to a new level.

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