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DOING Oily Sludge Recycling Pyrolysis Machine Secures Patent Certificates

DOING News:2023/12/28

We Henan Doing Company are glad to share the great news with you: in December of 2023, the oily sludge recycling pyrolysis machine designed by DOING's technical team has now secured a practical new patent certificate, adding to its already impressive reputation.

DOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plant patent certificates

In the processes of oil exploration and development, oil and gas gathering and transportation, sewage treatment, tank bottom cleaning and refining, it is inevitable to produce oily sludge. The treatment and disposal of oil sludge has become an integral part of many businesses. However, traditional oil sludge treatment methods like incineration, landfill, etc. are often inefficient and may have negative environmental impacts.

This is where Henan Doing Company's pyrolysis machine comes in. The team has meticulously designed the oily sludge recycling pyrolysis machine to not only tackle the challenges of effectively treating oil sludge but also to minimize any negative environmental impact during the process.

DOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plant project case

The oily sludge recycling pyrolysis machine's design incorporates carefully selected materials, unique pyrolysis process, and anti-stick devices that ensures the pyrolysis machine operates at optimum performance, with stable and efficient output. Additionally, the pyrolysis machine has been created with the maintenance and operations team in mind, with a design that makes day-to-day operations easier and more convenient.

The plant's achievement in securing a patent certificate is a testament to Henan Doing Company's dedication to innovation and sustainable development. With this new accomplishment, the team hopes to continue to provide effective and eco-friendly solutions for a wide range of waste to energy pyrolysis business needs.

solid waste recycling pyrolysis plantDOING solid waste recycling pyrolysis plant

The oily sludge recycling pyrolysis machine is one of many environmentally conscious products offered by Henan Doing Company. If you are looking for high quality advanced pyrolysis machines for sale to recycle waste oil sludge or other solid wastes like rubber tyres and plastic, etc., welcome to consult Henan Doing Company.

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