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Waste tire refining equipment

Batch Pyrolysis Plant

DOING batch pyrolysis plant uses low-temperature pyrolysis technology to fully crack the polymers in organic waste such as waste tires/rubber/plastics/aluminum plastics/oil sludge and restore them to small molecules or monomer states. Eventually, we can get high value-added products such as fuel, carbon black, and steel wire. There are multiple scales of batch pyrolysis plants for sale, which meet the emission standard and have the advantages of stable&safe operation, long service life, etc.

Batch Pyrolysis Plant


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Send solid waste raw materials into the pyrolysis reactor through the auto-feeder or manual feeding, close the furnace door and heat the reactor, and keep pyrolyzing waste raw materials in the absence of oxygen.

Main Equipment: Auto-feeder

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After the pyrolysis reactor is continuously heated to a certain temperature, the waste raw materials will be pyrolyzed to produce fuel oil, carbon black and syn-gas.

Main Equipment: Pyrolysis reactor

Waste tire refining equipment


The oil gas first enters the buffer tank to buffer the flow rate and settle impurities, and then enters the three-stage condensation system to fully condense into oil.

Main Equipment: Buffer tank, vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, condensation tower, water seal

Waste tire refining equipment

Exhaust Gas Purification

The non-condensable gas enters the exhaust gas purification system to remove harmful emissions such as H2S, and can be used to heat the pyrolysis reactor after purification, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Main Equipment: Exhaust gas purification system

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Flue Gas Purification

The flue gas generated during the pyrolysis process is treated by the flue gas purification system-desulfurization dedust tower, and then discharged up to standard.

Main Equipment: Desulfurization and de-dust tower, water film dust collector, pulse dust collector

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Carbon Black Slagging

The residual substance(carbon black) in the pyrolysis reactor, is discharged and collected through the carbon black transfer system.

Main Equipment: Carbon black air transfer system, screw elevator

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Steel Wire Collection

If your raw material is waste tires, when the temperature of the reactor drops below 50°C, use a wire drawing machine to pull out the steel wire in the reactor.

Main Equipment: Steel wire drawing machine

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Refining equipment Tire refinery equipment manufacturers


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