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Henan Jinrui's starch extraction equipment will be displayed on the 6th Starch Alcohol Technology and Equipment Exhibition

DOING News:2023/10/20

From October 20th to 22nd, Henan Jinrui will participate in the 6th Starch Alcohol Technology and Equipment Exhibition hold in Guangxi Province, China. On this starch exhibition, our new-developed starch extraction equipment including rasper, horizontal centrifugal sieve, and hydrocyclone station will be displayed. Welcome every interested come to our booth 6T05 at the 6th hall to know the latest information about starch processing technology and equipment.

Then let’s introduce the main starch extraction equipment that will be displayed at the 6th Starch Exhibition.

Crushing equipment for starch extraction -- Rasper

This high-efficiently starch grinding equipment is used to crush and grind the raw materials like cassava, potato, sweet potatoes etc. into starch slurry, greatly increasing the starch yield. Henan Jinrui’s rasper can reach more than 98% crushing rate with the unique design and and advanced technology.


Screening equipment for starch extraction -- Horizontal Centrifugal Sieve

This key starch screening equipment which will be displayed on the 6th starch exhibition, is used to separate coarse fibers out of the starch slurry. Henan Jinrui’s centrifugal sieve, with the horizontal design and high running speed, ensures the best extraction rate which can reach to up more than 98%.

horizontal centrifugal sieveHorizontal centrifugal sieve

Separating equipment for starch extraction -- Hydrocyclone Station

This efficient starch purification equipment ensures the starch loss less than 2%. Henan Jinrui’s hydrocyclone station adopts counter-current washing principle and non-metallic nested lock nut design to remove the cell sap, protein and fine fibers in the starch slurry, which finally realize the aim of highly concentrating and delicately scrubbing starch milk.

hydrocyclone station Hydrocyclone station

From October 20th to 22nd, we, Henan Jinrui, sincerely welcome every one who have interest in the starch extraction equipment come to the 6th Starch Alcohol Technology and Equipment Exhibition held in Guangxi province to get the latest information!

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