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Starch equipment

Starch Processing Machine

Henan Jinrui starch processing equipment used for cassava, potato and sweet potato starch production line, adopts the advanced European processing technology, including cleaning, crushing, extraction, dehydration, drying, sieving and packing, with high degree of automation and high starch extraction rate. Henan Jinrui's technical team can provide services such as factory visits, equipment customization, equipment installation guidance, equipment debugging, and plant design and upgrading according to customer's needs!

Starch Processing Machine


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Sweet potato starch processing equipment

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Sweet potato starch equipment

1. Countercurrent washing design 2. Broken rate as low as 1% 3. Low energy and water consumption

starch equipment

1. Two-way file with high speed 2. Broken rate can reach over 94% 3. Swedish SKF bearing and German Opti belt

starch equipment production line manufacturer

1. Centrifugal back flushing system 2. Sieve basket dynamic balance accuracy grade G6.3 3. High screening efficiency

Potato starch equipment

1. Full cyclone separation system 2. Nylon material cyclone tube 3. The purity of the finished product can reach 20-23 degrees Baume

processing sweet potato starch equipment

1. Vacuum pump adsorption design 2. Continuous dehydration 3. Finished product moisture control about 40%

Potato starch equipment

1. Negative pressure drying system 2. Pulse tube design 3. Low temperature drying




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Tapioca starch equipment


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Processing sweet potato starch equipment


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