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Carbonization Machine

Carbonization machine (also called charcoal making machine)is used to dispose of biomass waste like wood, bamboo, corn cobs, coconut shells, rice husks, straws, etc. Through drying, carbonization and cooling process, the material is pyrolyzed into charcoal, gas, tar, vinegar, with a carbonization rate of 95%.
The carbonization machine adopts a high-temperature and low-oxygen pyrolysis process to produce charcoal from biomass waste. It is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly equipment with high cost performance and high return rate.

Carbonization Machine


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Carbonization Reactor

The carbonization reactor is the core component of the entire carbonization machine. After reaching the pyrolysis temperature, the raw materials are pyrolyzed in a relatively closed environment to produce solid charcoal and combustible gas.



The raw materials absorb heat in the drum of the dryer, and the moisture in the materials begins to evaporate, thereby reducing the moisture content of the materials.



The condenser is used to cool combustible gas discharged from the main furnace, so that the cooled gas carries debris and liquid oil and falls into the bottom of the condenser and is discharged to prevent pipe blockage.


Desulfurization Tower

The function of the desulfurization tower is to reduce environmental pollution by absorbing and decomposing sulfides, such as sulfur dioxide, in the flue gas.

Desulfurization tower

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