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Waste tire refining equipment

Radiator Recycling Machine

Radiator recycling machine is a large-scale crushing and separation line, mainly used to separate copper, aluminum and iron from various waste radiators, such as air-conditioning radiators, car water tanks, condensers, refrigerator broken materials, etc. Through shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation and air separation, the separation rate of copper, aluminum and iron can reach to 99%.
DOING's engineers can provide one-stop solution and turn-key project of different radiators and processing requirements, including equipment customization, equipment installation guidance, equipment debugging, and plant design and upgrading.

Radiator Recycling Machine


raw materials and products

Air Conditioning Radiator Copper Aluminum Separator


equipment processing flow

Radiator Copper Aluminum Separator


video display


device model

Copper and Aluminum Separator for Waste Air Conditioning Radiator


equipment advantage

Copper-aluminum separation equipment for air-conditioning radiator

Double Shaft Shredder:The shredder uses H13 alloy blade, which has high hardness and toughness, and the service life is twice than of ordinary blades.

Radiator copper and aluminum separation equipment

Crusher:Uses horizontal hammerhead crusher, which is not easy to form agglomerates when crushing materials, and equipped with a screen to control the crushing size of the material.

radiator separator

Negative Pressure Baffle Separator: Unique negative pressure baffle technology sorts light-weight aluminum to improve sorting effect and reduce sorting pressure.

air conditioner radiator separator

Air Separator:Uses Italian airflow suspension technology, The sorting rate is as high as 99% or more, Easy to operate

Copper-aluminum ratio of air-conditioning radiator

Pulse Dust Removal System: Pulse equipment will automatically remove dust throughout the process, The dust removal rate is as high as 99.5% or more

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