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Waste tire refining equipment

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Henan Doing cable wire recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method to process waste cables and wires to separate copper from plastic out. The separated copper is as big as a grain of rice, so it is also called cable wire granulator machine.
Raw materials: Waste cables and wires, like power cable, armoured wire, electronic wiring harness, aluminium wire, headphone cable, vehicle wiring, electric wire, copper wire, etc.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine


raw materials and products

cable wire recycling machine


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Automatic cable wire recycling machine


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cable wire recycling machine equipment manufacturer

Shredder:The shredder uses H13 alloy blades, which have high hardness and toughness, and the service life is twice that of ordinary blades

cable wire recycling machine manufacturer

Crusher:The crusher adopts SKD-11 alloy blade, the hardness reaches HRC58, and has the characteristics of high toughness and high wear resistance

cable wire recycling machine equipment

Electrostatic Separator:Electrostatic Separator takes advantage of the different conductivity of metals and non-metals, which makes the separation rate reach more than 99%

Scrap copper wire cable wire recycling machine

Pulse Dust Removal Equipment:Pulse Dust Removal Equipment will automatically remove dust throughout the process, with the removal rate of 99.5%

circuit board recycling equipment manufacturer

Air separator:Adopts Italian airflow suspension technology, The sorting rate reaches 97%-98%, The operation is simple and easy to understand

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