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Cooking Oil Processing Machine

Henan Glory cooking oil processing machine adopts advanced pressing/leaching technology at home and abroad, which can be used for pressing or leaching more than 30 kinds of oil seeds, such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, cottonseeds, tea seeds, corn germ, rice bran, etc. High oil yield rate, high degree of automation. Glory's engineers can provide one-stop solution and turn-key project of different oil seeds and processing requirements of different oils, including equipment customization, equipment installation guidance, equipment debugging, and plant design and upgrading.

Cooking Oil Processing Machine

Oil seeds pretreatment refers to the treatment process before the oil seeds enter the oil press or solvent extractor, including cleaning, shelling, crushing, softening, flaking, puffing, cooking. After pretreatment, the impurities in the oil seeds are removed, which can prolong the service life of machines and improve the extraction rate of vegetable oil. Because different oil seeds have different features, the oil seeds pretreatment process machines will be designed according to the customer's raw material. The same goes for the choice of oil press type.

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Leaching, also called solvent extraction, is the process of extracting oil from pretreated oil seeds or pressed cakes by using the principle of the dissolution of organic solvents and oils. The edible oil solvent extraction process mainly includes edible oil leaching system, wet meal desolventization system, mixed oil evaporation and stripping system and solvent condensation and recovery system. The edible oil solvent extraction process is suitable for large scale edible oil production factory, more than 30 tons per day processing capacity. The oil residual rate is below 1%, with the higher benefits.

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Cooking oil refining machine is to remove harmful impurities from crude oil, to ensure that the color, transparency, taste, stability, fatty acid composition and nutritional components of edible oil meet certain quality standards. The refining process includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deordorization. And some cooking oil may need dewaxing, winterization or fractionation process. Henan Glory cooking oil refining machine has three types: small batch type, semi-continuous type and full-continuous type. The processing capacity varies from 0.5 ton per day to 1000 tons per day, which can be customized based on customers' needs.

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various OIL SEEDS

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Material is loaded by screw conveyor or scraper conveyor. The efficient combination of technology and automatic control design ensures the stable operation of the conveying system. (Screw conveyor, Scraper Conveyor)

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Three different cleaning equipment are configured to remove metal, soil, stones and other impurities in the oil seeds, which can ensure the oil quality and safe and stable operation of the cooking oil processing machines. (Magnetic Separator,Vibrating Cleaning Sieve, Destoner)

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Shelling is suitable for shelled oil seeds, such as peanuts, cottonseeds, tea seeds, sunflower seeds, etc., to improve oil yield and oil quality. (Disc Sheller, Gear Roller Sheller, Kernel Shell Separator)

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Crushing oil seeds into smaller particle sizes is beneficial to the following process, increasing the contact area, and increasing the oil yield. (Toothed Roller Crusher, Roller Crusher, Hammer Crusher)

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Softening, also known as modulating, aims to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil seeds and increase the plasticity of the oil. (Softening Pot, Modulating Pot)

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Roll the oil material from granular to flaked to reduce the thickness and shorten the oil passage. After flaking, the oil material has good toughness and low powder degree, which can ensure low residual oil and solvent consumption in the subsequent leaching process. (Pair-Roller Flaking Machine)

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Change the internal porosity of the oil material and process it into a loose porous columnar structure to facilitate subsequent leaching and penetration. (Puffing Machine)

Automatic vegetable oil pressing production line


After indirect steam heating, the temperature and moisture of the oil are adjusted to make it reach a good state before pressing. (Vertical Cooker, Horizontal Cooker)

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The oil press adopts the principle of directional pressure and multi-stage pressing, which can be squeezed at one time, and the residual oil rate is low. (Single Screw Oil Press, Automatic Temperature Control Oil Press, Automatic Temperature Control Press Filter Integrated Oil Press)

Mechanical refining of vegetable oil

Edible Oil Leaching System

Utilize n-hexane, a solvent capable of dissolving grease, to extract oil from the embryo or cakes through solvent extraction principle. (Rotocel Extractor, Loop Type Extractor, Ballyuan Extractor)

Equipment model for vegetable oil production

Wet Meal Desolventization System

The leached wet meal enters the D.T.D.C System, and the organic solvent is volatilized by direct steam heating, and then the moisture in the meal is dried to obtain the dry meal that meets the solvent residue standard. (D.T.D.C Tower)

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Mixed Oil Evaporation System

Twice evaporation and once stripping to separate the solvent from the oil to achieve the purpose of desolvation. (The First Long Tube Evaporator, The Second Long Tube Evaporator, Stripper Tower, Plate Heat Exchanger)

Machine for producing vegetable oil

Solvent Recovery System

Through condensation, the solvent will back to the oil tank, which can be used for the next time. (Condenser)

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Using hydration degumming method to remove peptizing impurities in crude oil. (Refining Tank, Centrifuge)

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Using chemical deacidification (acid-base neutralization by adding alkali) and physical deacidification (use of direct steam to heat ) to remove free fatty acid from crude oil. (Refining Tank, Lye Tank, Centrifuge)

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Use the adsorption of white clay to remove pigments and other impurities in crude oil. (Decolorization Tank or Tower, White Clay Tank, Leaf Filter)

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Adopt the steam stripping deodorization process, under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum, and use the principle of steam distillation to remove the odorous substances. (Deodorization Tank or Tower, Vacuum Pump, Steam Boiler)

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Some vegetable oil contains wax, which will affect digestion, absorption and taste, and also affect storage time in winter. Through cooling, crystallization and filtration, the wax can be removed. (Crystallization Tank, Leaf or Membrane Filter)

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The configuration plan that suits you is the best!
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Hot-sale Oil Presser:Screw oil presser, automatic temperature control oil presser and automatic temperature control oil presser with vacuum filter. Suitable for household or small oil extraction workshop use.

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Simple Pressing Line:Suitable for small edible oil processing plant with processing capacity of 1-10t/d. Can be used for processing many oil seeds, such as groundnut, soybean, sunflower seed, cottonseed, sesame, etc. Small investment and quick payback.

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Complete oil production line: Suitable for large or medium scale edible oil processing factory with a processing capacity of 30-1000t/d. High production efficiency, high degree of automation and low operating costs later.



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