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Cassava Flour Processing Machine

Henan Jinrui cassava flour processing machine is a set of equipment that can produce high-quality cassava flour automatically, with PLC automatic control system. Adopting wet processing technology, the complete process includes washing and cleaning, crushing, dewatering, drying, sieving and packing. Besides, Jinrui can provide a series of services such as equipment design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, worker training, and turn-key project according to the clients' needs.

Cassava Flour Processing Machine


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Cassava Starch Processing Equipment


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Cassava starch production equipment

1. Paddle propulsion conveying 2. Countercurrent washing raw materials 3. Sinking tank design

Cassava starch production line equipment

1. The principle of friction peeling 2. Spray system configuration 3. The peeling rate is over 95%

Cassava starch production line

1. Two-way file, high speed 2. Broken rate can reach over 94% 3. Swedish SKF bearings and German Opti belt

Cassava flour processing machine

1. Large filtration area 2. High dehydration efficiency 3. Moisture can be controlled at about 40%

Cassava flour processing equipment

1. Negative pressure drying system 2. Pulse tube design 3. Low temperature drying




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cassava slicer


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Cassava Flour Production Line


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